Did Britney Spears win Star Search?

Did Britney Spears win Star Search?

Back in 1992, 12-year-old Marty Thomas beat out his Star Search competitor — an 11-year-old named Britney Spears.

Who did Christina Aguilera lose to on Star Search?

Christopher Eason
Christina Aguilera Case in point: In 1990, when she appeared on Star Search, a nine-year-old Christina Aguilera lost to a 12-year-old named Christopher Eason.

When did Britney Spears appear on Star Search?

As covered by Framing Britney Spears, 10-year-old Britney was a contestant on two 1992 episodes of Star Search. Just as LeAnn Rimes had done the prior season, Spears wowed host Ed McMahon with her first appearance, singing Eva Tanguay’s “I Don’t Care” and edging out the prior champion.

Who Beat Girls Tyme Star Search?

Skeleton Crew
The singer went on to say that she recalled the girl group, then known as Girls Tyme and comprised of six members, getting a three-star score while their competition, Skeleton Crew, received four stars.

Who was on Star Search when she was 10?

When 10-year-old Aaliyah Haughton competed on Star Search in 1990, she didn’t walk away with a win. That didn’t matter, though: Later that year, the future R&B star performed with none other than Gladys Knight, the former wife of her uncle and manager Barry Hankerson.

When did Justin Timberlake Star Search?

In 1992, a pre-teen Timberlake took his talents to the national television show Star Search. He took the stage as Justin Randall and dressed to the nines in cowboy attire; boots, hat and giant buckle included. Even at a young age, Timberlake looked like he belonged in the spotlight.

When did Beyonce appear on Star Search?

In 1993, at the age of 12, she competed on Star Search along with the singing and dancing troupe, Girls Tyme.

Who is the most famous star on Star Search?

20 Celebrities Who Launched Their Careers On ‘Star Search’ 1 Aaliyah. 2 Christina Aguilera. 3 Usher. 4 Tatyana Ali. 5 Beyonce. 6 Drew Carey. 7 Kevin James. 8 Justin Timberlake. 9 Adam Sandler. 10 Tiffany.

What actors have been on’Star Search’?

Broadway actress Shayna Steele appeared on “Star Search” in 1992 as a teen vocalist. Comedian Ken Ober appeared on “Star Search” in 1984. Country singer Tamara Walker appeared on “Star Search” in the spokesmodel category in 1991. Singer Rahsaan Patterson appeared on “Star Search” in 1986.

What celebrities have won money on Star Search?

Comedian and talk show host Jenny Jones won $100,000 when she appeared on Star Search in 1986. Comedian Norm Macdonald appeared on Star Search in 1990. Sinbad competed against Dennis Miller when he appeared on Star Search in the 1980s.

Which comedians have competeed on Star Search?

While no grainy footage of the rising star has made its way onto the internet, Sandler was another comedian who competed on Star Search before making his big break. 10. Tiffany