Can you sell firearms on WordPress?

Can you sell firearms on WordPress?

For example, you may not sell (or facilitate the sale of) any of the following in (or through) the eCommerce services on your site: Firearms or other weaponry, including parts, accessories, and ammunition.

Is WooCommerce firearm friendly?

With the right 2A-friendly payment processing connected to your WooCommerce site, you’ll be able to accept credit cards for your firearms, guns, ammunition, knives, and assorted products. If you’d like both a second-amendment-friendly payment gateway and merchant account, please contact us here.

What is FFL API?

Description. FFL API simplifies the checkout phase for online gun dealer websites. FFL API WooCommerce plugin only works on the websites that has WooCommerce plugin. These eCommerce stores can implement user-friendly features that benefit the dealers and their customers.

What is prohibited premises in Michigan?

Public or private day care center, public or private child caring agency, or public or private child placing agency.

Is Shopify gun friendly?

Yes – you can sell firearms on Shopify – but, because of Shopify Payments’ more restrictive gun policies, you need to set up your own FFL-friendly credit card payment processing.

Is Shopify anti gun?

Shopify’s New Anti-Gun Policy Bans Sales of Certain Firearms and Accessories. Shopify has released a new gun unfriendly acceptable use policy that severely impacts many firearm-centric businesses. The list of companies that will be affected includes some companies that you likely have done business with at some point.

Can you sell gun parts on squarespace?

Now factor in that the second-ranked platform in this arena, Squarespace, has prohibited transactions for the sale of any firearm since its inception.

Is BigCommerce firearm friendly?

Lucky for us, we build most of our client’s shopping carts in BigCommerce! There are no firearm or ammo restrictions.

Is squarespace gun friendly?

Can I dropship ammo?

You can also drop ship ammunition and accessories directly to customers and submit purchase orders to have inventory shipped to your store.

Can you sell firearms accessories on Shopify?

Shopify just amended their definitions of restricted items to include many firearms and parts. This means that these gun parts and firearms are not allowed to be sold online using Shopify’s services.

Is Squarespace firearm friendly?

With the Shopify platform ranked third in market share, running nearly 10 percent of all e-commerce portals, this is a significant move. Now factor in that the second-ranked platform in this arena, Squarespace, has prohibited transactions for the sale of any firearm since its inception.

Can you sell gun parts on Squarespace?

Do I need a FFL to dropship firearms?

Dropshipping firearms and gun accessories is a promising niche to get into. Of course, you have to have your FFL in order to sell firearms in general, but it could be well worth it if you have one.

Who can designate a gun-free zone?

As of January 1, 2020, there are a multitude of state laws concerning gun-free zones and who may designate them as gun free. Designated gun-free zones can include government buildings, such as courthouses, airports, and police stations; government land; school properties; or specific private properties open to the public.

Do mass shootings keep occurring in gun-free zones?

Crime Prevention Research Center, “Updated: Mass Public Shootings Keep Occurring in Gun-Free Zones: 94% of Attacks Since 1950,” June 15, 2018a. Crime Prevention Research Center, “States That Allow Teachers and School Staff to Carry Guns,” October 9, 2018b.

What is the Gun-Free School Zones Act?

The Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990 prohibits most firearms within 1,000 feet of a school, but it does not apply to possession by individuals with state licenses (18 U.S.C. 922). [1]

What are the different types of gun zones?

He divided the shootings into three categories based on where they took place: gun-free zones (no guns on the premises); gun-restricting zones (no guns allowed, but armed security is routinely present); and gun-allowing zones (civilians permitted to carry guns).