Can we drive other state vehicle in Pune?

Can we drive other state vehicle in Pune?

PUNE: The Pune regional transport office (RTO) plans to maintain a record of vehicles that are registered in other states but drive on the city’s roads. According to an RTO official, there is a negligible number of such vehicles whose owners, when checked, have adhered to the prescribed norms.

Is car carrier allowed in Maharashtra?

Installation of carriers is completely legal irrespective of the type of car you are driving down the road. Hence, no official or police will be able to give a ticket or fine you for a carrier on the rooftop of your private, registered car.

What is temporary permit for vehicle in India?

Temporary permits are issued to vehicles under section 87 of Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. It allows the vehicle to operate outside of Delhi for a limited period of time.

Can we carry goods in private vehicle?

According to police sources, people have even been fined for carrying bags of groceries like rice, wheat and pulses in their private cars. The law is clear: only goods meant for commercial use are barred on private vehicles.

How much is green tax in Pune?

In India, there is a green vehicle tax.

Vehicle Category Green Tax Applicable
Light good vehicles Rs 2500/-
Six-seater taxis Rs 1250/-
Vehicles having more than 7500 kg capacity 10% of annual tax
Service vehicles 2.5% of annual tax

Is car wrapping legal in Maharashtra?

Vinyl wrapping your car is perfectly legal. Besides, you don’t even need to get it pre and post approved by the RTO like in the case of a veritable paint change.

How many are allowed in a car in Pune?

three passengers
(6.) There can only be three passengers, not including the driver, in cabs and private four-wheelers. In autorickshaws, meanwhile, only two passengers, besides the driver, are allowed.

What is the cost of all India permit for car?

Other Fees and Charges for Different Permits

Type of Vehicle All India Permit Fees Validity Period
Light Goods Vehicle (LGV) ₹1,215 5 years
Heavy Goods Vehicle ₹1,615 5 years
Contract Carriage Permit for Buses ₹1,100 5 years
All-India Tourist Permit for Buses ₹500 1 year

Can I put luggage on top of my car?

When carrying luggage on top of your car, it’s best to secure your load widthwise and lengthwise with tie-down straps. Using carriers like roof boxes, bags and baskets are also safe options.

Can I pay road tax without NOC in Pune?

NOC is not a requirement for paying of road tax. NOC is required at the time of Vehicle Re-registration.

Can you buy temporary road tax?

Unfortunately, the DVLA don’t offer temporary road tax, which means you’ll have to pay for either six or twelve months VED before getting behind the wheel. However, if you don’t need road tax after making your short journey, you can apply for a refund from the DVLA for the remaining months that you’ve paid for.

Can I drive my 10 year old diesel car in Maharashtra?

Maharashtra Transport Commissioner allows Re-registration of 15 years old Diesel Vehicles in Certain Areas. The Maharashtra Transport Commissioner in a move to re-register 15 years old diesel vehicles in the cities of Maharashtra has issued an inter-departmental letter.

Can I change my car colour?

1) Yes, it is legal to repaint your vehicle to different Colors. There are some procedures one needs to follow to make it legal. 2) First, when you look into your RC book, there is a color field mentioned. This field has to changed, legally.

Do you need E-pass to travel to Pune?

ARTICLES. A: Pune police commissioner Amitabh Gupta says there is no restriction on travelling within Maharashtra. A: Police commissioner Amitabh Gupta says no e-pass and RT-PCR negative test report is required if you want to travel to Lonavla from Pune.