Are there 50 or 52 stars on the American flag?

Are there 50 or 52 stars on the American flag?

The flag has 50 stars, one for each state. It is updated as needed. A common explanation is that the flag doesn’t include Alaska and Hawaii, thus 50 + 2 = 52. But Alaska became the 49th state on the 3rd of January 1959, and the flag got its 49th star on the 4th of July the same year.

What is on the American flag?

When Rev. Lara Campbell arrived at the church that Sunday, the American flag was still there, but the Black Lives Matter flag was gone – and its pole was snapped. The church had received three phone calls and an email from individuals denigrating the BLM

How many flags are in the US flag?

they are carrying and wearing American flags.” “If you see that every person that hates you is carrying an American flag how would you feel about that flag? “I feel fear. That is not up for debate. I feel like the person flying it is racist, because every

How to draw the American flag?

1) Have a look at the flag proportions. The ratio that the American flag follows is typically 10:19. 2) Draw a rectangle. This rectangular outline will be divided into 13 stripes, each of the same height. 3) Measure and mark out the locations of the stripes. Place a ruler along the right side of the flag and make 12 dashes to divide the 13 stripes. 4) Join the dashes for the bottom stripes. Draw 6 lines to join both sides of the dashes for the lower 6 stripes. 5) Mark out the canton. This rectangle is at the top left corner of the flag. Its height equals the height of the top 7 stripes. 6) Complete the stripes. To fill in the stripes for the empty top right-hand side, measure 6 dashes to the canton’s right side and draw the stripes. 7) Make guidelines for the stars in the canton. Mark out a grid lightly in pencil to ensure you form well-aligned stars. 8) Draw the stars. Draw five-pointed stars in alternate boxes of the grid. The sequence of the stars alternates between 6 and 5, beginning with 6 in the top row. 9) Color the flag. Per the CAUS Standard Color Reference of America, 10th edition, the colors on the American flag are the Old Glory Blue, White and Old Glory Red.