Are DC buses free for students?

Are DC buses free for students?

K-12 Students Students ride for free on Metrobus, DC Circulator, and Metrorail within the District of Columbia to get to school and school-related activities.

How do I get a DC Metro SmarTrip card?

Online through the SmarTrip Store — plastic SmarTrip Cards are automatically registered and mailed within 5 business days; credit/debit card payments only. In person at any Metro retail outlet or commuter store, or the Metro Center Sales Office, or at a Fare Vending Machine located at any Metrorail Station.

Is the Metro free in DC?

There is no set fare for all trips. Fares between stations depend on distance as well as the time of day. There are two prices for rides, peak and off-peak. Peak hours for DC Metro are from opening until 9:30 am and between 3 pm and 7 pm on weekdays.

Do Wmata SmarTrip cards expire?

If you’ve got a SmarTrip card that’s more than 10 years old, be prepared to trade in that card now. Metro’s oldest SmarTrip fare cards will no longer be accepted at faregates and fareboxes starting Tuesday, March 1, WMATA says.

Are buses free in Washington DC?

Circulator Fares are $1 regardless of the time of day or how long you ride, but with a SmarTrip, you just touch in and grab a seat! For more, which Metro card to buy in DC. TIP: Riders who pay using a SmarTrip card are able to re-board the Circulator for free within two hours from the time they first board the bus.

Is DC Metro free for military?

Disabled or Decorated Veterans The Qualified METRO Veterans Pass (MVP) was approved by the Board of Directors as a permanent part of METRO’s fares. It provides qualified U.S. military veterans with free, unlimited rides on our light-rail, local bus and Park & Ride service.

Do MBTA employees ride free?

Government Officials Commonwealth Department of Public Utilities employees, anyone accompanying them, and state elevator inspectors ride the MBTA for free when they present a Public Official ID.