Are Audioengine A2 speakers good?

Are Audioengine A2 speakers good?

The Audioengine A2+ speakers are widely regarded as some of the best computer speakers that money can buy at the moment – and in the course of testing them out for this review, we’ve been left in no doubt as to the quality of audio that this speaker pair can produce.

Is audioengine HD3 worth it?

The sound of the HD3s is extraordinary, especially given their size. At $399, they offer a very cost-effective way to experience excellent Bluetooth sound. ​The design and wood finish are superb, and look really good compared to other, similar speakers.

Is the Audioengine A2+ HIFI?

In recent years, Audioengine has been committed to creating high-quality and easy-to-use PC-HIFI products, as well as focusing on the production of monitor speakers. Most of its products are based on unique customized designs and rarely use off-the-shelf components.

Is the audioengine A2+ worth it?

The Audioengine A2+ is a reliable, good looking speaker system that’ll look great with your desktop setup, and provide room-filling sound. This version is different from the original A2 in that it includes a USB audio input.

How big are audioengine 2 speakers?

We really liked the classy, minimalist look and substantive feel of the Audioengine 2 speakers. The Audioengine 2 speakers measure 6 inches high by 4 inches wide by 5.25 inches deep. They each have a 2.75-inch Kevlar woofer and a 0.75-inch silk dome tweeter.

What is the impedance of audioengine A2+?

Fig.2 Audioengine A2+, passive sample, electrical impedance (solid) and phase (dashed) (2 ohms/vertical div.). The passive, right speaker had an estimated sensitivity of 83dB (B)/V/m, and its impedance remained between 4 and 10 ohms through most of the audioband (fig.2).

What is the step response of the audioengine A2+ driver?

Fig.8 Audioengine A2+, cumulative spectral-decay plot on tweeter axis at 50″ (0.15ms risetime). The A2+’s step response on the tweeter axis (fig.7) indicates that both drivers are connected in positive acoustic polarity.